Jesus the almighty one a powerful name king of kings lord of lords.


When your happy or even upset reading the bible and praying. To the lord makes u feel amazing and happy the the words of the lord are a blessing jesus is my lord and savior and my rock and i will always be team jesus all the way wahoo TEAM JESUS😃😃😃😃😃💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

HEAR ME when i call o God of my righteous thou hast enlarged me when i was in distress have mercy upon me and hear my prayer.

Offer the sacrifices of righteousness and put your trust in the lord

A blessing for the lord

Yesterday in the afternoon my father and i took my grandmother back to my aunt’s house and we helped my grandmother get in to my aunt’s house so we stayed to talk a little to my aunt and my grandmother then we had to go home so and we arrived home i was walking to the door and i her the lords voice say rose im proud of u for helping talking care of your grandmother u will receive a blessing so i felt the blessing it was wonderful 😇🌺

A prayer

Blessed Lord JESUS thank you for my family there a blessing and also for my boyfriend and his family there a blessing thank you lord JESUS for all the healings and miracle bless and protect every one and also this world i am your child lord in jesus name amen